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إختبر نفسك , أسئلة طبية ( M.C.Q ) .

إختبر نفسك  , إختار الإجابة الصحيحة و في نهاية الأسئلة اضغط على النتيجة
فضلا اكتب نتيجتك في صندوقي التعليقات في الأسفل
شكرا على تواصلكم معنا

سؤال 1: Ulcerative colitis is associated with each one of the following findings, except
Inflammatory cell infiltrate in lamina propria
Depletion of goblet cells
Non-caseating granulomas
Inflammation confined to mucosa and submucosa

سؤال 2: Large bowel obstruction:
Has its maximum incidence before the age of 50
Frequently presents with nausea and vomiting
Usually heralds its onset with constant suprapubic pain
Is most commonly caused by colonic cancer
Frequently treated conservatively

سؤال 3:Postmenarchal Bleeding is characterized by
Midcycle spotting
Increase progesteron
Progesteron withdrowal bleeding
Anovulatory bleeding

سؤال 4: Measures to stop a variceal upper GIT bleeding, all are true except
esophageal transection
ballon tamponade
Octreotide infusion

سؤال 5: All the following are recognized complications of chickenpox EXCEPT :
Reyes syndrome
Hemorrhagic vesicles

سؤال 6:Acute pancreatitis typically:all correct except one
Is accompanied by hypercalcaemia
Produces paralytic ileus
Is associated with a pleural effusion
Upper abdominal pain and vomiting
Produces pyloric stenosis

سؤال 7:A 31 years old patient with prolonged cycle. Hystroscopy may aid in the diagnosis of the following Except
Endometrial polype
Submucous myoma
Subserous myoma
Uterine Septum

سؤال 8:Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is associated with all of the following findings EXCEPT :
Vomiting and diarrhea
Increased platelet count
Elevated liver function tests
Elevated blood urea nitrogen

سؤال 9:. Childhood intussusception:all correct except one
Rarely requires surgical treatment
Usually presents during the first year of life
Is frequently ileocolic
Can usually be diagnosed without x-ray examination of the abdomen
Can be diagnosed by abdominal US

سؤال 10:Most common feature of ectopic pregnancy :
Abdominal pain
Fainting attach
Vaginal bleeding

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